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Our Mission: To provide assistance to transitioning service members and participate in social action activities to uplift the community. To provide educational programs and awareness on available veteran benefits.

The Vision: To bring awareness of benefits to armed service members, and inspire giving, one small movement at a time.

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We are so happy you’re interested in getting involved with our work here at Veteran Homeowners Club. 

There are four simple things you can do right now to join our Veteran Homeowners Club movement :

  • Volunteer. We have committed to mandated monthly volunteer events to uplift the community. Time is a valuable asset, but we believe whatever gifts given to us are to be used to serve others faithfully.

  • Donate. Donations will be used to fund our monthly social outreach programs, as well as provide scholarships, goods, and services to those in need. 

  • Join. Join the Veteran Homeowners Club Facebook Group. This is how you will be kept informed about the missions we are undertaking, news regarding outreach programs, and ways you can help. 

  • Share. Share news about Veteran Homeowners Club progress with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - The more awareness about our mission, the better. Don't forget to hashtag #veteranhomeownersclub

Cardinal Principles : Fidem, (Faith), Gratia (Grace), Caritas (Charity) are our adopted cardinal principles.

  • Fidem - Meaning faith, or fealty, and serving faithfully to the community, serving through faith, and giving faithfully.

  • Gratia - Meaning grace, and taking pleasure in giving gracefully. 

  • Caritas - Meaning love of humankind and charity.

There are so many ways for you to help, and we truly appreciate each and every effort. By lending your support, you’ll become a valuable part of our Non Profit Organization and help to strengthen our operations.

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